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Kate Lighton | 28, Digital Marketing Manager
Kate Lighton has been a saver her whole life. Her parents are savers and they drummed lessons about the value of money and the importance of saving into her and her sister.

Even the best laid plans...

She started her own savings programme early and was eight years into it when she was about to change jobs recently and started asking some questions about her investments.

Kate had a shock in store.

In addition to contributing to a pension fund at work, the 27-year-old has an investment account started eight years ago, into which she invests every month. That account was managed through a financial advisor.

“I had resigned from my job and decided that it would be a good idea to look at my current pension fund and the options I had once I left that employer,” says Kate, who is now the digital marketing manager at the Faircape Group.

“I knew it would be tempting to withdraw. However, I also knew that I wanted to continue saving for retirement, no matter what.”

Kate logged a query for more information with 10X and started talking to one of the company’s retirement experts, Abi.

She set up a meeting to talk to her financial advisor. “Quite honestly, I was shocked and annoyed at the fees I have been paying over the past eight years,” she said.

“Bearing in mind that this was only the second meeting I have had with them in eight years, I was slightly perplexed as to why I was paying such high fees!”

Having scheduled a meeting with Abi later the very same day, Kate was in for a few pleasant surprises this time around.

“Abi was fantastic! She explained everything to me in detail and made some things that had previously intimidated me seem so simple!

“Both my parents have a pension and an RA and have always instilled the importance of saving in my sister and me.

“However, up until now, I have not really understood where my money is going.”

Kate said seeing the comparisons and the fees in black and white was a “massive eye opener”.

“The application process through 10x was easy, quick and completely painless!

“Abi addressed all of my questions and made sure that I felt completely comfortable with everything.

“I am so happy I was exposed to 10X,” she adds.

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