No one knows 10X better
than the one percenters

The journey to retirement is rarely straight. 10X clients, who understand the difference one percent can make, share their ups and downs and the reasons why they decided to join 10X.

Lindela Tshwete

Why you shouldn't fear 'new'.

Mike Abel

"I was blown away by the simplicity and the clarity".

Glen Heneck

"10X is our fund and we boast about it."

Carlien Parsons

"I couldn't believe the  difference in fees".

Ashley Smyth

Even though it may be 'late', it's never too late. 

David Macdonald

Don't just sit back...dig deeper

Ian Parsons

I could immediately understand what 10X was offering.

Richard Ball

"I thought everyone charged the same sort of fee."

Stacey Vermaak

Stacey broke up with her broker. Here's why.
Neave Neill.jpg

Catherine Neill

A gift from a very cool Godmother.


Nishal Rattan

Small changes lead to big changes for Nishal.
RandallMcPherson .jpg

Randall McPherson

"Was I being robbed? Probably."

Danie Louw

Whatever you do, make your money work for you.

Yoliswa Ruth Sontlaba

"Joining 10X was a big step to my future".
Lorraine Watt

Lorraine Watt

Retiree was in for a shock after 40 years of saving.


Claudia and the Improvon company

Excellent service and a saving of 40%.

Olive Matlanato

Start young and stick to your plan.

Christo Snyders

Four months from retirement with big decisions to make.

Lutho X

Getting back on track after a financial disaster.

Michelle Carey

Sceptic, Michelle, was impressed by the evidence.
Mike Smith

Mike Smith

The road to retirement is rarely straight.

Helen Templeton

No one is safe from being taken for a ride, it seems.

Catherine Antoniou

I was horrified when I started getting quotes for my

Kate Lighton

"I was annoyed at the fees I had been paying for the

Dave MacDonald

Dave describes himself as one of the lucky ones.


Pension planning helped Margie end the cycle of abuse.

Liezel Nicholas

More than she bargained for.

Petrus Booyens

"If only I knew then what I know now."

Vivian Deetlefs

Preserve your savings even when things are hard.

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