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Claudia and the Improvon company

‘Thank you 10X for showing us how far our money can really go!’

Excellent service and a saving of 40%

‘Thank you 10X for showing us how far our money can really go!’

As well as getting great service from “very knowledgeable” consultants at 10X Investments, Claudia Beck says she and her colleagues at Improvon are on course to retire with an additional 40% in their pension pots.

Claudia knows what she is talking about: As Employee Wellness Manager at the privately owned industrial and commercial property investment business, she is responsible for ensuring that the staff are saving and investing for their own future financial wellness.

Claudia, who has worked at Improvon for 10 years, says when the company first implemented a provident fund for staff it was with another financial institution.

“We didn’t think much of it and thought we were on the right track until we heard [10X founder and chief executive] Steven Nathan on 702 Talk Radio.”

Claudia’s manager set up a meeting with 10X within a few days of hearing about how much people were losing to high fees.

“It horrified me to learn how much we were losing,” she says. “We moved our portfolio over to 10x and we couldn’t be happier.”

In addition to the large fee saving, Claudia says 10X’s service is “fantastic”!

“The consultants are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, which is what you want from a company managing your retirement,” Claudia says. “Thank you 10X for showing us how far our money can really go!”

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