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Liezel Nicholas | 41, Media Manager
Liezel Nicholas, pictured here with her son, knew she was paying too much but was amazed at just how much too much.

More than she bargained for

“I don't have a printer at home and sent my 10X paperwork to the local printing shop to be printed. When I got there, she printed 10 copies! I said to her that I only wanted one copy. She answered ‘But in your subject it said 10X!’

Planning a party to spread the word

Tupperware parties and Ann Summers parties were breakthrough events of their day, bringing women products that made good practical sense or made them feel great. In what seems like a natural progression a 10X client is about to revive the concept to introduce her friends to something that will likely outlast and outclass the other two.

Franschhoek-based Liezel Nicholas, who has just launched a new business called Sweet Pea Media, is planning a similar sort of party to tell her friends about 10X. 

“I've given [10X retirement expert] Michael's details to four of my friends but I just know that they won't follow up,” she said. “A Tupperware party-style event could change that!”

Liezel, 41, is very excited about 10X even though she is no retirement planning novice. She is one of those rare people who has dedicated time and effort to planning for her Golden Years.

“I have three RAs and have known for many years that I was paying too much in fees.”

In a bid to reduce costs, she says, she had asked her financial advisor about combining the products, but he had told her it was not possible.

Then she heard about 10X on The Fat Wallet Show from Just One Lap and The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield podcasts. She went online and Michael did a comparison.

“When I saw the comparison report I nearly died!” she said. “Without having to commit a crime, I could have nearly R2million more for my retirement!”

Not happy to just take care of herself Liezel set up and started funding an RA for her partner for his birthday.

Now she wants to spread the word further and is planning her Tupperware-style party.

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