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Andrea Newton | 55

There were some fears. But once I saw the returns and the growth, I was happy.

Retirement is approaching fast (and changing fast)

At “55 years young”, Andrea Newton, from Centurion in Pretoria, says retirement is approaching fast, but she sees a changing picture up ahead. The mother of two young men says she just doesn’t see people retiring at 65, as in days gone by.

“Most people don’t have enough to retire,” says Andrea, “and you can also live to 80 or 90 years of age so you need a heck of a lot of money to be able to retire comfortably.”

That said, Andrea is not sitting on her laurels. She has been saving for many years, the last decade of which she has been with 10X.

Andrea, who works in financial services, is one of a growing number of retirement savers who see a different picture ahead from the one our parents and grandparents saw.

“I believe nobody is going to be able to retire at 65 anymore, we are all going to have to do little part-time jobs to see us through.”

Andrea was introduced to 10X when the company she worked for moved their corporate pension fund to the company. The office fund had previously been with one of the big, well-known firms but the CFO had come to realise they were paying “huge” fees, and decided to find a better deal for the staff.


“10X wasn’t too well-known in the market then,” says Andrea. “There were some fears. But once I saw the returns and the growth, I was happy.”

So happy that, when she left that company, she decided to leave her savings in a preservation fund with 10X.

Andrea would recommend that other businesses look into the 10X corporate fund. “If you are looking out for your staff,” she says, because everybody wants to receive as much of their own money as they can and to pay lower fees.

She says she “hasn’t looked back”.


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